we are so damn hardcore

character: neru akita
sector: 1
instrument: I’m a singin’ robot, so singin’, obviously. And.. uhh.. I can play some instruments. Piano/Keyboard, guitar an’ saxophone. Also I know how to play the entirety of senbonzakura on my cellphone.
self introduction: I was literally built to sing. I can literally sing any song you want me too. i need some kind of job

Also, I’m not a Hatsune Miku ripoff.  ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

Please hire me. orz

A robot? That’s so cool! And built for singing purposes specifically, even? You’re hired! Though well, while it does qualify as a job, don’t treat is as one, Akita-san! Treat it as a sweet, musical escape!

Though that’s the way I see it, so I shouldn’t ask you to do the same, hehe. In any case, you’re accepted! Welcome to the Rocket Galaxy!!

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character: Momo Kisaragi
sector: 5
instrument: Vocals, please! I hope my idol background can help out a bit…
self introduction: Ah, well, I do like music, and I was hoping to meet other people that feel the same way! I could also offer my experience to those who would like it… Even though I wasn’t a very skilled idol! Please take care of me!!!

Oooh! Idol!! Ehehe, Kisaragi-san, don’t worry! I was an idol myself too, and while I didn’t consider myself skilled enough for the role, either but…

What matters the most in the long run is making people smile! I’m sure you made lots of people happy! And if you like music, isn’t that even better? You can make people smile while enjoying yourself. Let’s do our best!! I hope we can be friends, Kisaragi-san! Welcome to Rocket Galaxy!!

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character: Chouko Kazemi
sector: 006
instrument: vocals, keyboard, piano, violin
self introduction: Look, I’m here to just sing, okay? A-and just because I act like it doesn’t mean that I’m a tsundere! I just want a place to sing, th-that’s all! And I know the instruments I play sound lame, so what? I-I like to sing rock anyway… And that’s it! Okay? That’s it! I’m really here to just sing!

wooow! that’s a long list of instruments you got there! i’m jealous! i hope you don’t mind helping the others with coaching, kazemi-san, because you’re officially accepted!

let’s get along! i don’t know much about this tsundere stuff, but it sounds like fun from what i’ve heard! you could coach me on that, i-it’s not like i want to learn or anything!! was that good? hehe

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character: Leon Kuwata
sector: 1, but i’m movin’ pretty soon
instrument: voice of course!! \m/ i can also play the guitar a lil
self introduction: yo!!! i’m gonna be a huge punk rock star someday and i figure this would be a pretty good start right
let’s rock

oooh!! you and i have something in common then!!

kuwata-kun, you are officially now a part of the rocket galaxy! i’m sure together we can reach the peak of stardom and make lots of people happy with music!! let’s punk rock!

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character: Aoba Seragaki
sector: oo1
instrument: I think voice is the only one that could fit, but…I could do something percussion too! Like tambourine…
self introduction: I think music is something wonderful to share with others. Feelings can`t always be expressed in words, and music does a much better job. Perhaps our feelings can reach others that way.

seragaki-san… that introduction almost brought me to tears!!

you’re accepted!! so accepted! i bet you’d be an incredible singer, and the tambourine sounds great too! one of us can try to coach you if you need help with either, though i’m sure you’ll do just fine with both or either of them!!

let’s make people smile with music, seragaki-san! welcome to the band!!

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\ (•◡•) /

character: clear !

sector: i live in sector one, apartment E - 1 !

instrument: i’m can play the piano very well! and i sing too!

self introduction: i’m a little apprehensive about singing publicly due to personal reasons but i think together with sonico-san and everyone it’ll be alright and we’ll have lots of fun! i’ll be under your care sonico-san! (✿◠‿◠)

awawawawa!! but if it isn’t clear-san!!

ehehehe, you’re accepted, of course! i’m so glad you’ve joined us!! you don’t have to sing if you don’t want to, i’m listing it as one of your talents though!! you can just play the piano or whatever you feel like doing!!

in any case, welcome on board clear san!! thank you so much!

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✂ rocket galaxy


form submit members

we all have the ability to create

so join us, let’s get creative

what better way to let out stress than by expressing yourself? maybe by hitting the drums? or maybe by singing your heart out? or maybe even by jamming to the great electric triangle?

even if you can’t play any instruments or think you can’t sing at all, we assure you our other members would be more than willing to help you improve!

so we invite you to take part in this musical adventure! we are rocket galaxy, we are the galaxy!! together we can create, and together we can make this world a better place! all with the power of music!! let’s go!!

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